Economic calendar

An economic calendar is an easy way to keep track of important economic events that can affect your trading and the market as a whole. Quickly analyze previous data based on market consensus and check current indicators for potential trading ideas. Find the most important economic events for you!

Stock market widget

The stock market widget shows the top 5 stocks of growth leaders, fall leaders and the most active of the day. The widget data is updated depending on the current market activity, so you will always see the most relevant stocks.

Currency heatmap

This table shows the percentage change in the price of various currencies and metals relative to each other. Keep track of changes in prices of a large number of assets and measure the potential movement in one direction or another.

Risk Disclosure

Investing in high risk groups: (Forex) and CFDs is a speculative transaction, including high risk, and is not suitable for every investor. You may suffer partial or full losses of invested funds, therefore we do not recommend investing capital that you cannot risk. You should be aware of the increased risk associated with using leverage. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and services of our website before using our service.